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Surrogacy mediation can effectively mitigate the potential risks of conflicts throughout and following a successful surrogate pregnancy.

It provides a clear framework delineating the expectations of all parties involved, encompassing key aspects such as parental rights to the child and the extent of continued involvement and visitation by the surrogate.

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Surrogacy Mediation Sheffield

What Happens In Surrogacy Mediation Sheffield?

For those who want to co-parent or who will be using a known sperm donor, we provide a mediated pre-conception planning conference.

We will encourage you as mediators to make sure you cover all the bases in your agreement and help you find any potential points of dispute.

We recommend that parties seek mediation during the trip planning phase, when it is easier to have uncomfortable conversations and pinpoint the sources of disagreement.

Once an agreement has been reached through surrogacy mediation, we will draught a pre-conception paper for all parties to sign.
Why Choose lakes surrogacy Mediation Sheffield Over Court?
What Is

We provide a secure environment apart from the daily routine of your house so that you may concentrate on your loved ones and come to terms with a mutually agreeable solution.

Offering services as a mediator in surrogacy arrangements

If a dispute arises between the surrogate and the intended parents before, during, or after the birth, we offer mediation services.

Surrogacy comes with its own unique set of expectations and challenges, and we know from how quickly disagreements may grow if not handled properly.

In order to help you resolve issues in a kind and constructive manner, we offer mediation services that facilitate open and honest dialogue.

In the course of surrogacy mediation, what outcomes may we expect?

It’s important to note that your surrogacy mediator will not make any decisions that you don’t agree with.

Problem-solving for families where children were conceived through donor conception or co-parenting

We have an intimate familiarity with the dynamics that can give rise to animosity in blended families and are dedicated to helping their members find amicable solutions to their differences.

However, a mediator can help you create a surrogacy agreement that is clear about the expectations of both parties.

This is essential to ensure the safety of the surrogate and to define the surrogate’s financial recompense for their services.

To protect everyone’s feelings and interests, it’s important to establish clear rights and limits for the surrogate if she is a friend of the family and you intend for her to help with childrearing.

Your surrogacy mediator may help you define this in very precise words that can be taken to court if necessary, as the worst-case scenario is a disagreement about who the legal parent of the kid is after delivery.

Mediating can help in  several ways, including:

Success Stories
From Lakes Mediation Sheffield Clients

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Lakes Mediation allowed us to move forward to our dream of becoming parents with a safe and secure path and everyone knew what was expected off them.
K. Brown
FPDS trusted
I had no worries with being a surrogate for my friends. We had known each other for years. Having my own children I wanted to make sure I had no parental rights. Lakes Mediation made a clear plan for us all.
J. Lewis
parental plan1
We had concerns it would all fall through. We didn't want to drag things through court. in 2 short mediation sessions we had everything covered and agreed totally amazing!
L. Maddon
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