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This meeting is called a MIAM or ‘Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting’. In this meeting its the first process to engage in family mediation and is undertaken one person at a time separately.


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There are a lot of complications in the process of separation and the parents and the mediators have to make a decision regarding the life of the child and how will they manage the situation correctly. There are many ways to resolve any disputes, and a MIAM help couples to decide whether mediation is one of the best choices for them.

There has to be a proper procedure which is legally followed by the mediators to make the parents fully informed about the process of mediation and decision making. It must be known by the parents that the main purpose of mediation is to secure the life of the child and his future.
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The parents and all the parties who are involved in separation must attend the mediation information and assessment meeting. There has to be an interest in the life of the child by the parents and they must take an active part to take his care so that he doesn’t miss his parents.

Parents have to make a proper balance between the work life and any new family they have. They have to provide the correct financial and moral support to the child so that is basic needs and wants are fulfilled. All the above information is given to the parents in the mediation information and assessment meeting .

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It makes many parents conscious that how much they have to pay for the child maintenance. It also makes some questions about who will take an active part in the day to day life of the child. It is important to reach a mutual consent so that there are no disputes.
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We help the parents to reach that mutual consent very quickly as the mediators we have been very experienced in handling tougher situations. There are many provisions in the law which are enforceable when the parents have promised or given in written to do a certain support for the child.
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The mediators we have a specially trained in such area. We just have to contact us to carry out the process easily.