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Its a difficult time for children when they see their parents separating but mediation can provide some help on best way to talk and work out a plan.


There are a lot of things to be seen when the parents are separated regarding the child.

Parents have to see what the child wants and fulfil the basic needs which are food, clothing and housing.

For fulfilling these needs and wants parents have to communicate with the child regularly so that the child is not uncomfortable while talking to his parents.


Communicating With Your Children Sheffield

Communicating With Your Child Sheffield

A child must be very comfortable and sharing anything with the parents even after separation so that they don’t miss them. Proper care of the child has to be taken and at least one parent must be actively taking part in the daily activities of the child. On being separated, many parents ignore the child they have and get busy in their own life.

Parents must take a decision with the consent of the other one and/or a third party. For reaching a mutual decision, there is a need to communicate with all the parties as well as the child.

There are mediators and mediation companies which provide you with the proper communication system with the children keeping in mind the convenience of every party involved.
Why Choose lakes Mediation Sheffield Over Court?
Why Mediation Is Needed?

The main task of the mediator is to ensure that the future of the child as in safe hands. It only deals with the life of the child after the separation of the parents. There are various decisions regarding the life of the child, for example, education, career opportunities, etc.

In order to tell everything to the child the communication has to be very strong. Parents have to provide financial support as well as other support to the child so that he can communicate with them comfortably.

How our service can help

To strengthen the communication with your child it is important to take help of the third party. Rather than moving to the court, it is better for you to hire a mediator in between so that the complications in the case of separation are reduced. At lakes mediation, we have a lot of experienced mediators who will handle all the situations whether complicated or simple easily.

The communication with your child will be handled by as the mutual decision of all the parties is taken into consideration. We make sure that no one has a problem of communicating with his or her child at any point in time. We make sure that your child will never get uncomfortable while talking to you.

Mediation is very important for you when you are separated rather than approaching the court into the situation and making thing more complicated. When you are not able to talk to your child, it can be very stressful for you as a parent needs to talk to his child regularly.

Mediating can help in  several ways, including:

Child communication comes under the head child maintenance as it is a part of maintaining your child’s life. At lakes meditation, our main aim is to provide a better life for the child and to do that it is important for the child to talk to its parents regularly.

We help you to be fully informed about how you can communicate with your child and know what he needs and wants also about his problems, likes and dislikes.

We help you to avoid the complications of the court in the process of communicating with her child. Many parents are conscious of how much they could talk to their child in case of a divorce. It doesn’t concern the parent who actively takes part in the daily life but the other one who doesn’t.

Parents must agree upon a mutual decision for communicating. We help you to reach to that consent of both the parents to resolve in dispute that can occur on such matters.

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